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How it works
This is the result of an innovative idea for a partnership between the Government, the Region, the employment agency and AFPA (the French Adult Continuing Education Association). By using human resources to attract businesses to the region, PACA Mode d’Emploi, under the auspices of the MDER, deploys its multi-disciplinary team to help you relocation or develop your business in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.
In order to move your project forward, you may want to:
- Find out about the skills available in the region,
- Identify the range of training opportunities and make contact with the institutions,
- Find out about the social customs, regulations, projects for financial assistance with recruitment and training,
- Recruit foreign employees,
- Identify the best networks.
If you are in contact with an economic development agency, or you are having staffing problems, the agency will pass you on to us.
PACA Mode d’Emploi is your sole contact for RECRUITMENT, TRAINING, FINDING FINANCING for your project.








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