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Things to know
The government with competitiveness clusters, and the Regional Council, with the PRIDES (Regional clusters for innovation and mutually supportive economic development), are engaged in an active process of supporting economic development projects. In addition to public grants, this is a way to form part of a collective dynamic, where innovation, international markets, ICT, staff training, and social and environmental responsibility are at the heart of the objectives.

Business clusters complete this process.
Running across all these clusters, Strategic Activity Areas orsmart specialisations” (DAS) are being defined throughout the Europeans regions. These meet European demands to strengthen regional diversity, to avoid having several regions investing in similar activities.
More precisely, the objectives targeted through DASs are to:
• prioritise public the intervention onto areas that are strategic for the region’s medium-term economic development and prepare the next generation of European smart specialization policy (PO FEDER).
• promote innovation by cross-fertilisation between those involved in promising segments of the market. Bring on innovation projects between business and between clusters, and activities that build collaboration, worked out jointly.
• target distinctive areas for intelligent international specialisation, to help the region to make its mark, be recognised and commercially appealing, and organise cooperation with other regions.

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