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Things to know
Provence, Alpes and Côte d’Azur: these are the three world-famous areas that constitute the region known as PACA. With its 4.8 million inhabitants, it is the third richestregion in France.
Enjoying an exceptional environment, the beauty of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region has made it one of the world’s leadingtourist destinations (34 million tourists welcomed each year).
This drawing power, also the source of one of the highest concentrations of intellectual and technological resources in Europe, has led to a thriving economic activity, in sectors as varied as telecommunications, microelectronics, life sciences, aeronautics and space, marine technology, multimedia, as well as agrifood, chemicals and logistics.
The evidence of the figures
► 3rd economic region in France (demographics and wealth)
► 15th wealthiest region in Europe (out of 271)
► 5 million inhabitants in 2012
           ► 1740 businesses with foreign capital, 72.000 jobs
           ► 11.3% of the nation’s new businesses
           ► 32 regional PRIDES and business clusters - 11 of them competitiveness clusters
► 157.000 students, including 18,000 foreign students
► Aix-Marseille: the largest university in France (70,000 students)
► 22 international schools
           ► 3 billion euros devoted to public and private research
           ► Sophia Antipolis: Europe’s biggest science park, 1,400 businesses, 70 nationalities
           ► 26,000 people in R&D, including 13,000 researchers
           ► high tech patents: 3rdin France, 6th in Europe
           ► ICT patents: 3rd in France, 14th in Europe

► Nice: 2nd airport in France (59% international), Marseille: 4th airport in France (including 50% international)
► Port of Marseille-Fos: 4th largest European port, 3rd oil terminal in the world
           ► 34 million tourists
           ► capacityfor tourist accommodation: 2nd region in Europe
           ► 2nd major foreign tourist destination after Paris
► 2nd region in France for the number of events, festivals and shows (Cannes Film Festival)
► trade shows: 2nd region in France
► more than 400 museums, 10 national and regional parks
► Marseille Provence 2013 –European Capital of Culture

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