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One of the great strengths of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region is its diversity of sectors of activity. They include:

Logistics - Transport
• PACA has a unique position in France, with the major seaport (Marseille), the 2d largest airport (Nice), the 2nd-largest marshalling yard and the 3rd position in France for the businesses in this sector.
• The geography explains and encourages the multimodality of this region: combined transport, river and sea, rail-road, motorway of the seas.
• This is a major branch of business, as important as some of the industries that are considered to be the region’s biggest – if not more!  There are over 3,100 transport and logistics companies, employing nearly 32,000 staff in all (not including commercial travellers).
• The growth in trade related to globalisation confirms the role of PACA as one of the major logistics bases in the south of Europe now enlarged to 27 nations, a position without doubt strengthened by the dynamism of trade with Italy and Spain.
• More than half of the merchandise is transported within the region itself (a dynamic building trade), more than a quarter abroad (chemicals and energy products), and the remainder to the neighbouring regions - Rhône-Alpes and Languedoc Roussillon – as well as to the north of France.
• It also emerges that in addition to the major historic position of the port of Marseille, there is in PACA a truly major network of ports and airports, spread across a large part of the region.
At the heart of this is the harbour and logistics complex of Marseille Fos, which is now intimately associated with the logistics platforms of its immediate hinterland (including the Vaucluse), and with the rise of the river port of Arles to the north.
• Over 3,100 transport and logistics companies.
• i.e. nearly 32,000 staff in all.
• 1,000 establishments for pure logistics: organization of transport, storage and materials handling.
• i.e. more than 16,000 jobs.
• some 20 logistics platforms.
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