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One of the great strengths of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region is its diversity of sectors of activity. They include:

• The PACA region is uniquely positioned in France in the field of cultural economy: it is, on average, the3rd-largest region in terms of employment, the numbers of students, facilities and visitors.

• Historic buildings form a backdrop for some of
the most prestigiousartistic events of international renown; other factors attract traditional cultural tourism, from both home and abroad. This alliance of history with a variety of art forms (theatre, music, books…) is a key feature of our region.
The great festivals are showcases for the international impact the region makes, far more than other sectors of the economy!

• Several major businesses (Harmonia Mundi, Actes Sud, Vandoren…) and the 20,000 FTE employees around them are evidence of the major contribution from the private sector to the cultural economy. In addition to artistic creation, the PACA region has adopted the digital arts and is developing research platforms, with an important training and higher education component to boost the cultural economy.
Several culturally-oriented clusters have been approved by the Regional Council. This initiative, and the nomination of Marseille-Provence as European Capital of culture in 2013, running as they do across geographical and disciplinary boundaries, should prove another boost to the sector.

• We should not forget that culture, in addition to its economic aspect, has a crucial social and educational function. The advantages derived from culture can in no way be measured solely in financial terms.

• The strands of the cultural economy represent some 60,000 jobs,
• including nearly 10,000 public jobs (not counting state education),
• The 3 major strands are: applied arts (17,000 jobs), performing and street arts (11,000) and heritage (7,000).
• Majors businesses and 20,000 FTE jobs.

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