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Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur is home to major projects that have shaped the region:

ITER, in Cadarache, a major experimental nuclear fusion project,
Marseille Provence 2013, European Capital of culture,
Euroméditerranée, in Marseille, Operation of National Interest,
Eco-Valley of the Plaine du Var, in Nice, Operation of National Interest.
The ITER project: a long term investment
The planet’s future energy as a scientific challenge

Nuclear fusion means reproducing on earth the energy generated by the sun, to transform it into electricity. The ITER scientific project aims to prove that fusion can become a source of energy by 2050: energy that is safe and ultimately inexhaustible.
Marseille Provence 2013, European capital of culture


► Create a sustainable hub in the area for creative artists from Europe and the Mediterranean in all disciplines of art and thought where they will be welcomed, and where they can produce and transmit their work; its common thread being Euro-Mediterranean intercultural dialogue
► Develop artistic and cultural activity as the engine for revival for the city by bringing together four aspects: quality of public open spaces, outreach, citizens’ participation, drawing power of the conurbation.
Eco-valley of the Plaine du Var - Operation of National Interest (Nice)
The Eco-Valley of the Plaine du Var is a life-size laboratory for sustainable development, applying the most advanced technologies in design, town planning, building and energy.

Euroméditerranée – a National Interest Initiative(Marseille)
Euroméditerranée in the centre of Marseille is the biggest urban renovation project in Europe.

Between now and 2020, the Euroméditerranée programme is aiming at developing:
► an eco-citydevoted to the qualityof urban living and to sustainable development in all their dimensions: homes, employment, social equity, economic growth, transport and travel, architecture, culture, respect for the environment, the sea and open space.

► transport infrastructures: high-speed rail station atSaint-Charles, the multimodal station in Arenc with a suburban rail link to the airport, shortening the motorway to La Porte d’Aix, creation of three interlink tunnels and 7,000 underground public parking places.

► 5 km of coastline paths restored from the Vieux-Port to Cap Pinède, and 2.5 hectares of harbour cleared as far as the old “J4” site.

► a waterfront of buildings designed by major international architects: the cube of the MuCEM by Rudy Ricciotti and Roland Carta, the « C » (Mediterranean Regional Centre) by Stefano Boeri, the EuromedCenter by Massimiliano Fuksas, the glass tower of the CMA-CGM by Zaha Hadid, the FRAC by Kengo Kuma, the M3 by Jacques Ferrier and the Arenc harbour ensemble co-designed by Jean Nouvel, Yves Lion, Roland Carta and Jean-Baptiste Pietri


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