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Help with setting up
You want to set up your activity in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region?
Our network of economic development agencies can help you.
Our service, at each step of your project, is confidential, personalized and free.
Your start-up project :

Understanding the economic environment

Finding your area

Structure the financing of your project

Identify your partners

Finding human resources

Launch and develop your activity

Help your staff mobility



Contact us :  MDER This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , tel ++33 (0)4 96 17 07 40
If you have precisely identified the place where you want to set up, please contact the local development agency.
If your project is related to ITER or renewable energy, please contact the Welcome Office for International Companies (WOIC). This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Understanding the economic environment
Regulations: handling the legal requirements
  • ► The national legal and tax situation
  • ► The different legal statuses of businesses
Moving to France: the advantages of setting up on the French soil
  • ► What France can offer
  • ► Innovation policies
  • ► International businesses set up in France
The regional economy: Obtaining a deeper understanding of the regional economic environment
  • ► The major economic players
  • ► The main regional business specialities
  • ► Regional competitiveness clusters
  • ► The economic organisation of the region
  • ► The public bodies

Finding your area
Discussion: formalising and developing your search
  • ► We help construct a set of specifications to match the business’s needs
  • ► We help in developing the project
Supply: Obtaining suitable offers
  • ► We mobilise partners in the network to obtain a response from across the whole region
  • ► We can identify all types of facility (incubators, serviced offices, offices, works premises, warehouses, plots of land)
Visits: Choosing on the spot
  • ► We organise visits in situ

See more information setting places in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.

Structure the financing of your project
Analysis: Researching your project
Is your project eligible for various business start-up facilities?
Public finance
We organise meetings with local authorities, government departments, reconversion companies, other players...
We help you in writing and presenting an application
Private funds
We analyse whether raising private funds is a viable option
We put you in touch with risk capital companies and business angels to help you raising funds
See more information on Financing your project in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

Identify your partners
Consortiums: to identify co-contractors or sub-contractors in the region and nationally
► We help define the profile of the partner you need
► We mobilise relevant agencies
► We put you in touch with potential sub-contractors or co-contractors

Buying an existing business: setting up a company by external growth
► We help define the profile sought
► We help identify the businesses and put you in touch

Partners in property: Finding a property investor or promoter
► We know about current property projects
► We put you in touch with property investors or promoters

Access to skills
We can identify the skills available in the region
► find qualifiedpools of available or recruitable skills
► find your first staff
► attract talents

We can identify the training on offer and put you in touch with those who provide it
► with a targeted analysis of public and private courses to suit your project and the skills you need
► by making contact with the colleges (courses, recruitment, sandwich courses)

We know the company practices, the regulations, the sources of financial aid for recruitment and training
► Benchmarks for salaries and pay packages
► Guides to public personnel resources
► Networking with the right people

We can help recruit foreign staff
►  inform you on access to professional immigration
►  offer expertise with our partner OFII

We can support your business and help it develop
► analyse and assess your needs
► pass you on to employment and training experts, and competitiveness clusters
► offer you an appraisal of your human resources: diagnosis and plan of action

Launch and develop your activity
Formalities: making your business official
► We guide you towards the bodies in charge of the administrative procedures for starting up the activity

Networking: integrating into the regional economy
► We put you in touch with the regional competitiveness clusters (PRIDES)
► We guide you towards professional federations, the CCI, and all business support organisations

Service providers: finding professionals that help launch your activity
► We can provide lists of lawyers, accountants, specialist consultants, translators / interpreters

Publicity: get yourself known
► We can advertise your new business (mailing list, website, press, etc.)


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