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Vaucluse (84)

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Contact : Vaucluse Développement
19, place de l'Horloge
84000 Avignon
Tél : +33 (0)4 90 16 45 60
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Carte-Departement-84Vaucluse occupies a strategic position, at the point of the Rhone delta triangle going towards Lyon, Aix-Marseille and Nîmes-Montpellier.
Vaucluse’s leading economic sector is the food industry which provides 25% of the jobs in Vaucluse. Processing fruit and vegetables dominates the food industry in Vaucluse. In addition, 39% of French cut-flower production floral comes from. Finally, vineyards and wine provide 44% of Vaucluse’s agricultural turnover, and Vaucluse has the 3rd largest production of AOC wines in France.
Vaucluse also offers other major sectors:
►logistics is a major sector with almost 9,000 employees. This is because Vaucluse gives exceptional access to businesses within the region, being at the crossroads of two major communication routes, the north-south road link between northern Europe and the Mediterranean Sea (A7 motorway) and the east-west road link between Italy and Spain (A7 motorway).
►the construction industry employs 13,000 people in Vaucluse, which is the first choice for the manufacturers of construction materials: it has the largest deposits of gypsum in Europe, and has the 4th largest production of siliceous sand in France, or 9% of the national production.
►cosmetology: more than 350 businesses in the cosmetics-perfumery sector have set up here along with 96 of the 130 French distilleries. Vaucluse produces 70% of the world’s lavandin.
►energy: within easy reach of the industrial developments in FosBerre, Cadarache, Pierrelatte and Tricastin.
►CIT: almost 600 businesses have already set up in Vaucluse where they find the support of high level training and research institutions in Avignon.
►finally the aviation industry is developing around Avignon airport and a business park covering 200 hectares.



538,902 (INSEE 2008)


3,567 km²

Major Towns

Avignon (prfecture), Apt, Carpentras


Avignon river port - Le Pontet


 Avignon Airport
(London 2 hours, Madrid 1½ hours)

High-speed railway lines and stations

Avignon high-speed railway station
(Lyon 1 hour, Paris 2 hours 40 mins)

Technology park



TESTIMONIAL: They chose the Vaucluse Département (84)
Jean-Marc Armitano - Chairman of the Board - EOLE-RES - renewable energy
In Avignon
Eole-Res specialises in the design, development, financing, construction and operation of wind parks. With nearly 80 MW in production as part of the French wind-energy programme "EOLE 2005", and more than 1000 MW under development, EOLE-RES has positioned itself as one of the leaders on the French market.
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Do you want to set up in the Vaucluse? Or find out more?
Contact Vaucluse Development: tel + 33 (0) 4 90 16 45 60 - www.vauclusedeveloppement




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