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What is WOIC?
WOIC: Welcome Office for International Companies
A specific support for proposed relocation of business involved with ITER and renewable energy.
► a single point of contact
► a gateway to the entire region and an interface with all the participants
► an extensive range of services that support all stages of your projects
► tailor-made investigations and support to suit your needs
► free and confidential service
WOIC‘s role is to understand your needs and help you find appropriate solutions.
WOIC’s strength is its network:
► 10 economic development agencies distributed throughout the region with teams of experts experienced in supporting investors.
► direct contacts with participants in ITER: ITER Organization, Agence ITER France, CEA Cadarache, ITER Industrial Committee
► links with regional clusters and in particular Capénergies specialising in energy sources that do not produce greenhouse gases
► direct contact with local bodies: Regional Government, PACA Regional Council, Departmental Councils, Local Authorities, etc.
► an interface with the regional economic environment, CCI, Federations, major groups, small and medium-sized business
Is this your first approach, a medium or long term project, or are you actively searching?
Make us part of your project, and we will answer your questions and look for solutions suited to your needs. Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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